Rising water levels in Diana River pose a threat to Lal Jhamela Basti

Jalpaiguri, 29th June: With the recent incessant rainfall across the region, water level of the Diana River is rising at an alarming rate posing a threat to the low-lying village of Lal Jhamela Basti under Jalpaiguri district.

With the absence of embankment along the riverbank, the Diana River has engulfed most of the meadows and causing a flood like situation in the area.

"The 'Netas' (leaders) only come during the election season. They only ask for our vote," a local of the Lal Jhamela Basti stated. He further alleged that neither the DM, SP, DSP nor any government officials have visited the area to provide aid, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Locals alleged that no help has reached the village despite notifying the local administration numerous times. They fear their village will soon be washed away by the river if no step is taken by the administration.

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