Rise in criminal activity in Matigara’s Chamta Railway Line, one in custody

Siliguri, 20th July: An incident of attempt theft has once again surfaced from the Chamta Railway Line area adjacent to a well known mall situated about 500 meters away from the Siliguri Metropolitan Police Station. 
It is reported that last night an attempt was made to assault and rob a person by some miscreants in the said area. The victim has been identified as Pappu Rai. It is said that Pappu, was on his usual errand to pick up his wife from the mall as she works there. Then, he took a stop near the railway line to attend to his personal business, where he was caught by some people and taken under the railway line. After which, the miscreants attempted to snatch his scooter keys and iPhone from him. Before the criminals could commit a heinous crime locals gathered upon hearing Pappu’s cry for help. 
A complaint was lodged in the Matigara police station. Shortly after, the police reached the spot of the incident and took one miscreant into their custody. The eyewitnesses stated that the road has become dangerous to commute during the late hours. The lack of proper street lights has resulted in such crimes taking place on a daily basis these days. There is also negligence of the security system adding to more worries to travel for the locals. Thus, demanded to increase in police patrol units on this route.

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