Residents of Rajganj’s Hudugachh demanded restoration of culvert collapsed by rain

Rajganj, 23rd July: The local residents of Hudugachh under Majhiali Gram Panchayat demanded the immediate construction of a brand new bridge as the old one crumbled due to incessant rainfall in Rajganj.

According to reports, the culvert connecting the Hudugachh village with other locations was severely damaged a few days ago due to the heavy rains. As a result, the population of the village is facing a lot of problems navigating across the area. Currently, pedestrians are commuting with the aid of a temporary bamboo bridge. Subsequently, the locals have urged the government to construct a new bridge.

A few days prior, the administrative representatives had arrived at the aforementioned location and assured the locals of the immediate construction of a wooden bridge. The locals recommended constructing the bridge as soon as feasible.

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