‘Report card’ to be published on completion of one year of SMC Board, Mayor holds meeting

Siliguri, 07th February: The SMC Board was formed by the TMC after winning the Siliguri Municipal Corporation elections in 2022. On coming February 22, the TMC-run board will complete its one year. The account of various developmental works of the Municipal Corporation will be published through a program on the first-year anniversary. 

Regarding this, today in the Siliguri Municipal Corporation, Mayor Goutam Deb held a meeting with the Deputy-Mayor, Mayor’s Council, Municipal Commissioner, Councilor and officers of other departments of the SMC. The meeting discussed the publication of the report card of the works.

At the end of the meeting, the mayor said that on 22nd February the board will complete its one year during this, the SMC’s report card will be published. Also, the report card of Talk to Mayor will be published during the program on Saturday of this week.

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