Repair work commences on the Baribhasa VIP Road, locals ecstatic 

Siliguri, 04th December: The repairment of the Baribhasa VIP Road commences today after constant protests and agitation by the locals. The said road had led to many tragic deaths and accidents caused by its dilapidated condition. 


The start of the construction work has spread a wave of happiness among the residents. On Sunday evening Siliguri-Jalpaiguri Development Authority (SJDA) chairman Sourav Chakraborty arrived to take stock of the repair work. During this, he interacted with the locals. 


In this regard, SJDA Chairman Sourav Chakraborty said that right now they are repairing the road and making it fit for the movement of people. Later a proper road will be constructed along with drains on both sides of the road.

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