Regulated market dispute case: 15 people including Councilor Dilip Barman booked, 3 arrested

Siliguri, 10th July: The ongoing dispute at the Regulated Market in Siliguri has escalated into a power struggle between two factions of the Indian National Trinamool Trade Union Congress (INTTUC), following a rift between two businessmen. This has resulted in continued tension within the regulated market. Councilor Dilip Barman, representing Ward no. 46 of the Siliguri Municipal Corporation (SMC), has also been implicated in the matter.

According to sources, Rampukar Yadav purchased goods from a Delhi-based businessman and sold them to Amit Kumar, another businessman in the market. However, Amit Kumar failed to pay for the purchased goods, leading to a dispute between the two parties. It is reported that Rampukar Yadav is associated with the Uma Shankar faction, while Amit Kumar belongs to the Shyam Yadav faction. Consequently, a dispute between the two businessmen has taken on a factional form.

On Saturday night, an altercation allegedly broke out between the two factions in Pokaijote, Champasari. The situation escalated, leading to the involvement of the Pradhan Nagar Police Station. Matters worsened as the two groups clashed in front of the police station, resulting in several individuals sustaining injuries. On Sunday night, a complaint, including charges of assault and attempted murder, was filed by the Shyam Yadav group at the Pradhan Nagar Police Station. The complaint listed the names of 15 individuals, including Ward Councilor Dilip Barman and Uma Shankar.

Simultaneously, the Uma Shankar group lodged a written complaint against Shyam Yadav and his faction at the Police Commissionerate. As a result, three individuals named Rampukar Yadav, Ajay Yadav, and Prince Singh were arrested by the Pradhan Nagar Police. They were subsequently produced before the Siliguri Court today. The involvement of Councilor Dilip Barman in the case has garnered attention. In response, Councilor Dilip Barman stated that he was occupied with Panchayat election-related matters on the day of the incident. He also deemed the allegations against him as a plot to defame his reputation.

Uma Shankar Yadav claimed that he had visited the police station on Saturday following a summons from Rampukar. He stated that upon his arrival, he was attacked by members of the Shyam Yadav group, resulting in his injuries.

During a telephone conversation with the media, Shyam Yadav accused Councilor Dilip Barman of orchestrating the incident. He further alleged that the attack on him was carried out at the instruction of the Councilor.

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