Rathindra Bose appeals to the people to vote for BJP in the upcoming SMC elections

Siliguri, 24th February: Addressing the reporters, today, Rathindra Bose, the General Secretary of the State, stated that the Trinamool Congress fears that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will emerge victorious in the Municipal elections. He stated that elections in 18 Municipalities and Municipal Corporations in the State has not been held for one and a half years. He also alleged that the CPM-led Siliguri Municipality conducted no developmental work in the span of five years. Therefore, he appealed to the common people to vote for BJP in the upcoming Siliguri Municipal Corporation elections. He declared that the BJP would emerge victorious in the Municipal elections whether the votings are conducted by Electronic Voting Machines or ballot paper. He further appealed to the residents of all wards to vote for BJP and stated that the BJP will solve all the problems in the various wards of the Siliguri Municipal Corporation.

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