Rally and Path Sabha held in Rajganj celebrating anniversary of Farmers’ movement

Rajganj, 26th November: On the anniversary of the farmers’ movement, the Trinamool Congress held a rally and Path Sabha in Rajganj, on Friday.

A rally was taken out from Battalion More on behalf of Kisan Khetmajdoor Trinamool Congress Committee Dabgram Fulbari Block Committee.

Dilip Roy, block president of the organization as well as Fulbari Gram Panchayat Pradhan, said that the nationwide agitation started on November 26 last year demanding repeal of three new agricultural laws at the centre. Today marks one year of the movement. Many farmers were martyred during the movement in Delhi. In addition to commemorating those martyrs, rallies were held for the victory of the farmers.

On the other hand, the Rajganj Block Committee of Kishan Khet Majoor Trinamool Congress also held a Path Sabha in memory of the martyrs of the farmers’ movement and the joy of their victory.

Ahidar Rahman, president of the organization's Rajganj block committee and co-mentor of Jalpaiguri district-in-council, said around 700 farmers had been martyred in the agitation demanding repeal of three farm laws at the centre. A Path Sabha was organized to remember those martyrs and to win the movement.

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