Rajganj's newlywed bride refuses to stay at in-laws due to frequent elephant attack

Rajganj, 18th March: A newlywed bride refused to stay at her in-laws' house in the Lalitabari village in Rajganj block as the area is prone to frequent elephant attacks.

It has been reported that Minti Roy, a resident of Haldibari, was married to Biswajit Roy, a resident of Lalitabari, Rajganj, two days ago. An elephant went on a rampage in the area and destroyed two houses, on Tuesday. The incident gravely frightened Minti Roy after which she refused to stay at her in-laws.

Upon receiving the news, the Belakoba Range Ranger Sanjay Dutta reached the spot. He persuaded Minti to stay at her in-laws. Dutta also provided cash and two sacks of rice as compensation to repair the houses damaged in the elephant attack. He further stated that he would be happy to help in the future as well.

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