Rajganj’s Karma Tirtha closed for past 2 years, traders facing uncertainty

Rajganj, 03rd December: Rajganj’s Karma Tirtha, which was set up in Magradangi’s Ambari-Falakata industrial estate in the year 2016, has remained shut for the past 2 years. Uncertain regarding the resumption of Karma Tirtha services, the storekeepers are facing immense difficulties.

Reportedly, 30 people have taken stalls in the said Karma Tirtha. Shops of beads, wool, bamboo work, salon, tailor shop, fast food, and variety others were set up. However, the deserted area is now surrounded by weeds and bushes.

Santana Sarkar, vice-president of the Ambari Falakata Karma Tirtha Cooperative Society, said that the Karma Tirtha has been set up inside a large industrial estate enclosed by boundaries. As a result, it could not gain much fame as anticipated. The scenario would be much different if the Tirtha was set up amid a populated area.

Although the government assured to provide training, however, no such steps were taken so far. Besides, various quarters have also turned deaf ears to their appeals.

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