Rajganj villagers facing problems due to lack of bridge in Karatoya River

Rajganj, 06th February: The people of the Patharghata area are facing problems due to a lack of bridge in the Karatoya River. The locals stated that the Karatoya River flows between the village of Patharghata and Baksidangi in Rajganj. The water in the river flows throughout the year.

The people of the village risk their lives to cross the river throughout the year. However, crossing the river during the rainy season becomes impossible. A resident, Santosh Kumar Das, stated that the passersby and the school students face a lot of problems, due to a lack of bridge in Karatoya River in the Patharghata area.

The people from nearby areas including Baksidangi and Jamidar Para have to travel 10 kilometers to reach the market. It has been alleged that despite reporting the matter to the block administration several times, no settlement has been provided.

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