Rajganj trader losses over Rs 6 lakh from his bank account, Was it fraud?

Rajganj, 25th December: A businessman in the Fatapukur area of ​​Rajganj block lost 6 lakh 6 thousand rupees from his bank account.

Reportedly, the businessman, Champa Chakraborty, owns a shop opposite the Fatapukur Registry Office. He does most of his transactions online. There was a server problem while depositing money on the 22nd and 23rd of this month. To find a solution to the problem, he apparently searched the helpline number of the bank on the internet. After this, a message link was sent on his mobile number where he was asked to give all the information about his account. Later in the evening, he learnt that Rs 2 lakh 37 thousand and then Rs 3 lakh 69 thousand had disappeared from his bank account.

The day after the incident, he reached the bank, where he came to know that his money had been transferred to some other account in Shimla. Following this, he lodged a written complaint at Jalpaiguri Cyber ​​Police Station.

The question, however, arises: Was this a case of fraud, phishing or a mistake? The entire incident is being investigated by the cyber ​​police at present. The victim has demanded the police make arrangements to get back his missing money.

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