Rajganj girl missing since January, family allege police negligence

Rajganj, 27th August: A resident of Sannyasikata Gram Panchayat Tengapara area, has been reportedly missing for the past eight months. Although a complaint was lodged at the police station in this concern, no information has been received regarding her whereabouts until now.

According to family sources, in the month of January, the said girl went to the Balabari area to repair her mobile phone. She has not returned home ever since. A missing complaint was reported at the Rajganj Police Station but even after eight long months, the girl is still missing. The family alleged police negligence in this regard.

Meanwhile, Mokshed Alam, Convener of Sannyasikata Gram Panchayat, stated that the family is in a state of panic after a minor was raped and killed in the same area recently. He further stated that the matter has been reported to the higher police authorities and has been requested to take immediate action to find the girl.

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