Rajganj BDO Prashant Barman conducts surprise inspection at Fulbari-1 Gram Panchayat office

Fulbari, 05th March: In a recent development, a surprise inspection conducted by Rajganj BDO Prashant Barman revealed a concerning trend of absenteeism among officials and staff at the Fulbari-1 Gram Panchayat office. As a result, the BDO expressed dissatisfaction with the absence of the head and other staff members.

According to reports, Barman was met with an empty office after arriving at the Gram Panchayat office around 11:30 AM. Despite people already present for services, most officials or staff members were absent while a few arrived later. In response, the BDO reprimanded the employees for their lack of punctuality, underlining the necessity of accountability and commitment to public service.
Meanwhile, Nisha Rajak, a citizen who arrived for a resident certificate, expressed frustration over delays in service provision.

Addressing the situation, BDO Prashant Barman affirmed his dedication to ensuring timely and adequate services for citizens. He acknowledged receiving multiple complaints regarding the Fulbari-1 Gram Panchayat, emphasizing the need for corrective action. In addition, he assured the public that appropriate measures would be taken against negligent employees, urging them to provide written complaints for further investigation and action.

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