Rajganj BDO conducts surprise school visit; discovers low student attendance

Rajganj, 11th June: Following the resumption of classes after the summer vacation, Rajganj BDO Prashant Barman made a surprise visit to Nengtagoch Special Cadre Primary School in Panikauri Gram Panchayat on Tuesday. 

Reportedly, accompanied by school inspector Sajjad Hossain, the BDO found an alarming discrepancy in student attendance. Despite four teachers being present, only 14 out of 76 enrolled students attended classes.

Expressing his dissatisfaction, BDO Barman inquired about the reasons behind the low turnout. In response to the situation, he immediately mandated a meeting with the school’s management committee and parents to address and improve the attendance and quality of education.

BDO Prashant Barman emphasized the significant investment by the state government in the education sector, particularly for primary schools serving children from economically disadvantaged families in remote villages. He highlighted that any negligence or lack of seriousness in teaching is unacceptable.

Barman noted that during his previous visit to the school a few months ago, parents had raised concerns about the quality of education. His recent visit was intended to reassess the situation, revealing the critical issue of low student attendance. Consequently, a prompt meeting with the school management and parents has been ordered to rectify the situation and ensure better educational outcomes.

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