Press conference regarding reunion celebration held in Siliguri Boys’ High School

Siliguri, 17th November: Siliguri Boys’ High School is prepping to host its reunion party on January 13 and 14. In this regard, the President of the Managing Committee of the school and Siliguri Mayor Goutam Deb conducted a press conference at the school premises.

According to reports, Mayor Goutam Deb announced that a variety of events will be organized throughout the day on the 13th and 14th of January. On January 13, the program will commence with the ‘Prabhat Feri’ followed by the debut of the periodical Mashal Rally Wall magazine. Additionally, a special midday luncheon will be arranged for the afternoon followed by a cultural event in the evening. On January 14, a grand procession will be held early in the morning where numerous events, including cultural events, will be hosted.

On Friday, the school launched its official website through a press conference. Significantly, a registration fee has been mandated for participating in the reunion festival.

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