Prasenjit Roy dismissed from TMC, new INTTUC committee formed

Siliguri, 07th February: After dismissing Prasenjit Roy from TMC, a new committee of INTTUC was formed in NJP. Sujoy Sarkar has been appointed as the committee convener.

The matter was clarified during a press conference at the Trinamool district office on Sunday. The meeting was attended by Minister Goutam Deb, Trinamool District President Ranjan Sarkar, INTTUC District President Arup Ratan Ghosh.

As per the report, a new committee has been formed comprising Sujoy Sarkar, Ankur Das, Bapi Bhattacharya, Bablu Das, Rakhi Sarkar, Mrinal Adhikari, MD Samaru, and Bimal Das. Arup Ratan Ghosh stated that the committee, from now on, will monitor the Indian National Trinamool Trade Union Congress (INTTUC).

Minister Goutam Deb said that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee wants progress in the industry, hence it is important to maintain peace. If anyone defames the image of the party, strict action will be taken against him. Besides, four new projects will be inaugurated on February 9.

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