Pramila Vahini launched campaign against illegal sale of liquour in Rajganj

Rajganj, 06th September: Pramila Vahini has initiated a resolute campaign against the unlawful sale of liquor within various households in the Adarshapally Bhelki Para area, located under the jurisdiction of Binnaguri Gram Panchayat in Rajganj Block.

Reportedly, the sale of various intoxicants, including alcohol, from numerous residences in the vicinity near Sahudangi Haat. Despite receiving multiple complaints, the issue persisted. In response, Pramila Vahini launched an awareness campaign in the village on Wednesday.

In collaboration with the NJP Police Station and Ambari Outpost, the campaign led to raids on several houses involved in the illicit trade.

Members of Pramila Vahini emphasized that the consumption of alcohol frequently results in disputes, unrest, and distress within several households. They expressed concern about children becoming ensnared in substance abuse and, therefore, initiated a campaign to address this pressing issue.

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