Pradhan Nagar police strike success, five miscreants and four liquor traders arrested in Siliguri

Siliguri, 10th February: In multiple breakthroughs, the cops of the Pradhan Nagar Police Station struck two simultaneous successes within a night. Significantly, five miscreants, along with four individuals selling liquor illegally, were arrested.

The five arrested miscreants have been identified as Ajay Sharma (22), Santlal Rajbhar (35), Karan Subba (28), Bijan Mahato (24), and Amit Thapa (29). While, the four illegal liquor sellers are Ujjwal Basak (28), Bishnu Chhetri (58), Umesh Mandal (37), and Dawa Lama (24).

According to reports, during patrolling on Friday night, the police noticed a few individuals gathered on the banks of the Mahananda River in Siliguri. As the police team approached, they started fleeing the spot. However, all five miscreants were apprehended. Following this, the police also recovered some sharp weapons from the arrested accused. Upon interrogation, the police learned that the individuals were members of a gang who were planning to carry out a robbery.

Meanwhile, in simultaneous operations, four hotel owners have been arrested for selling liquor illegally in hotels. In addition, the police have also seized a huge quantity of liquor from the hotels. The Pradhan Nagar police station presented all the arrested accused in Siliguri court on Saturday.

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