Pradhan Nagar Police seize 2 vehicles bearing same number plate

Siliguri, 28th September: Sensation prevailed after Pradhan Nagar police apprehended two vehicles holding the same number plates.

Reportedly, multiple vehicles had been parked on vacant land opposite the Siliguri Junction bus stand for the past several days. After the locals, on Monday, noticed two cars with the same WB 74P6439 number plates, they immediately reported the incident to the Pradhan Nagar police. Acting promptly, the police took the two vehicles to the police station today. However, no details have been received in this concern.

Locals alleged that cars had been parked on the vacant land for a long time and a few individuals were spotted consuming alcohol inside the vehicles. Besides, various anti-social activities were also reported in the area. They further alleged that despite reporting the matter to the police, no steps were taken so far.

The Pradhan Nagar police have started an investigation into the whole incident. A search is being carried out to find the vehicle owner.

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