Pradhan Nagar police recovers the lost bag of a woman in Siliguri

Siliguri, 02nd April: The cops of Pradhan Nagar police station have recovered the lost bag of a woman and returned it to its owner within a few hours.

Reportedly, on Tuesday morning, Shilpa Deb was on her way to office on her scooter when the bag accidentally fell on the road near the Siliguri junction area. Later, after arriving at the office the woman was distressed for not being able to find her bag as it contained important documents, cash and mobile phone.

Meanwhile, the woman received a call from an unknown number on her alternate number. The called had directed her to reach Gulma area alone to collect her bag. Following this, the woman approached Pradhan Nagar police station and revealed the matter.

Subsequently, Inspector-In-Charge (IC) Basudeb Sarkar of Pradhan Nagar police station promptly initiated an investigation, tracked the unknown number and reached Gulma along with the woman and recovered her bag safely. After getting back her lost bag, the elated woman bestowed her gratitude and saluted the officials.

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