Pradhan Nagar police nab notorious thief 'Takla', recovers stolen goods

Siliguri, 23rd July: Frequent thefts and snatching had caused fright in the minds of residents living in the Pradhan Nagar police station area. They heaved a sigh of relief after Safikul Islam, notoriously known as 'Takla', was arrested by the police on Friday.

Once the police arrested Takla for theft in a house in Dagapur area. Actually, the real name of the arrested accused is Safikul Islam, but in the world of crime, he is known only as Takla. 

According to police sources, a few days ago, a house was broken into in Dagapur. Based on the complaint filed at the Pradhan Nagar police station, the cops initiated investigation. They soon learned that the infamous criminal Takla was currently out on bail. Acting promptly, the police arrested Takla alias Safikul on Friday night. 

After thorough interrogation, the suspected accused confessed to carrying out the theft in the said house. Police recovered all the stolen goods and presented the arrested in the Siliguri court on Saturday.

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