Pradhan Nagar police hand over lost bag to the owner within 12 hours

Siliguri, 05th January: Within 12 hours, the Pradhan Nagar police recovered a lost bag and handed it over to the owner.

Reportedly, a man named Darshan Shah reached Siliguri from Mumbai on Monday. He accidentally left his bag in an e-rickshaw (Toto) while travelling on Nivedita Road near Champasari. Shah then lodged a written complaint at the Pradhan Nagar Police Station. Under the leadership of the IG of Pradhan Nagar police station, the police officials obtained the bag within 12 hours and handed it to the owner.

In this regard, Darshan Shah said that the bag contained several important documents of his company including a laptop. He thanked the entire team of Pradhan Nagar Police Station.

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