Politics over spoiled biryani served to children sparks in Siliguri, BJP stage protest

Siliguri, 22nd February: Hundreds of students from schools in Siliguri were brought to attend Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s meeting on Tuesday at the Kanchenjunga Stadium. Reportedly, the students were assembled at Siliguri Boys High School and taken to the venue from there. Apparently, biryani was arranged for the students before they left for the meeting. However, the students complained that the biryani was spoiled and packets of untouched biryani were spotted lying on the bins.

The incident quickly grabbed the attention of all and sparked controversies in the political arena. On Wednesday, the  BJP staged a protest in front of Baghajatin Park against the incident. Siliguri Organizational District Committee President Anandamoy Barman, Siliguri MLA Shankar Ghosh along with leaders and workers of the party participated in the protest. 

Addressing the media, Anandamoy Barman took a jibe at the Chief Minister and accused her of holding a political meeting under the guise of an administrative meeting. He added that the entire city faced trouble because of her and also the Kanchenjunga Stadium was damaged. He said that the students have been insulted by being served spoiled biryani. 

Adding to this, MLA Shankar Ghosh said that those in charge of the program should have been vigilant. Despite accepting their mistake, the MLA said that they are pointing fingers at others. He accused the Chief Minister of gathering students and giving political speeches. 

In their defence, Siliguri Mayor Goutam Deb said that some of the packets of food got spoiled due to the heat. Later, the spoiled ones were replaced. “Those who do not have any work, come on the streets and stage such acts,” Deb added.

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