Police arrested three miscreants for attacking locals of Shanti Nagar

Siliguri, 20th September: During the dark hours of the night, the locals of Shanti Nagar were attacked by some miscreants with sharp weapons. In regard to this incident, the police of Ashighar outpost arrested 3 people. The accused have been identified as Vishwajit Mandal (27), Tanmay Sarkar alias Patal (24), and Shubhankar Bepari (21). All of them are residents of Shanti Nagar Bow Bazaar.

It is to be noted that on Sunday night around 12 o’clock in the Shanti Nagar area, many people in a state of intoxication came in front of a house and started abusing verbally. When the local people protested, a gang of 20-25 people came with sharp weapons and attacked them. Not only this, but the women of the area also fell victim to the attack of miscreants.

The miscreants also allegedly robbed some of the women of their gold jewelry. After the incident, the local people lodged a written complaint against several people at Ashighar outpost. The police arrested 3 people within 24 hours of the complaint. Police have started an investigation of the entire incident.

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