Police allegedly attacked while rescuing a suspected cattle thief in Cooch Behar

Cooch Behar, 20th September: Tension gripped following the alleged attack on the cops of Pundibari Police Station in Cooch Behar. The incident surfaced from the Kuthi area of Mara River under Pundibari police station when the police initiated a rescue of a suspected cattle thief who was apprehended by the locals.

According to local sources, incidents of theft occurred frequently in the area for the past few days in which a number of cattle were stolen. Following this, the locals guarded the area on Tuesday night. During this, they spotted a young man coming to the area in the middle of the night. Upon being apprehended and interrogated, the locals sensed suspicion. Subsequently, as the police arrived to the rescue of the youth, they were allegedly attacked by the locals.

Meanwhile, police sources claimed that the detained youth works for the police. However, the people of the area refused to accept the claim. As a result, a clash surfaced resulting in the injury of the policemen. Subsequently, the youth was rescued by the police. On Wednesday morning, police arrived at the area once again and detained several individuals.

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