Plasma therapy introduced in Siliguri, COVID-19 survivor Dr Anirban Roy becomes the first to donate plasma

Siliguri, 14th July: Plasma therapy is being introduced in North Bengal in hopes it helps other patients recover from the infection. Reportedly, the therapy has already been introduced in different parts of the country.

The first plasma will likely be donated in Siliguri by Dr Anirban Roy, who has recently won the battle against the virus.

As per the information, recovered COVID-19 patients have antibodies in their plasma, with the help of which other coronavirus patients can be cured.

In this context, Dr Anirban Roy stated that plasma therapy is an efficient way to cure critical patients, and survivors of COVID-19 should step forward and donate their blood plasma. He also urged everyone to eliminate unnecessary fear concerning coronavirus.

On the other hand, Dr Anirban Roy is also a member of the COVID Care Network. The organization earlier took to the streets to raise awareness among the people across the city.

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