‘Permanent statue of Mahatma Gandhi to be established in the city with the permission of the state government’ – Ashok Bhattacharya

Siliguri, 28th September: Ashok Bhattacharya informed that a permanent statue of Mahatma Gandhi will be installed in the city with the permission of the state government.

Reportedly, the permission process is almost over and the work of establishing the statue of Mahatma Gandhi has already started. Siliguri Municipal Corporation had earlier decided to establish the statue on October 02 (Gandhi Jayanti). However, due to various complications, the work cannot be completed before the said date.

Full-fledged work is being carried out at the moment as Ashok Bhattacharya wishes to gift the statue to the citizens before Durga Puja.

It is to recall, earlier the SMC had planned to install a statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Siliguri Airview More (Mahatma Gandhi More), however, the state government did not give permission in this regard. Later, it was decided to install the statue in front of the Siliguri Head Post Office. But, the State PWD opposed it too and lodged a written complaint against SMC.

Finally, after the end of all speculations, the statue will be established with the permission of the state government. Bhattacharya stated that the official inauguration will be done by a state minister.

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