People step up to help visually impaired couple tie the knot in Siliguri

Siliguri, 15th July: For decades now, visually impaired people have been battling stigmatisation often leading to decreased social and self-acceptance. However, a marriage ceremony of visually impaired couple Jyotsna Das and Bapi Chattopadhyay at the Bhimbar (Snehashram) Blind School, on Wednesday, painted a completely different picture.

Jyotsna Das studied at the Bhimbar Blind school located at Siliguri Phansidewa Bidhannagar since childhood. She took admission to a college in Delhi a year ago, where she met Bapi Chattopadhyay. As their affection grew, Bapi came to Bidhannagar and asked for Jyotsna’s hand a few days ago. Although the couple dreamt of getting married in a social ceremony, due to financial crisis, they had planned to tie the knot in a temple and start their new life.

While planning for their wedding day, they appealed for help. But what came next was beyond their imagination. Love and support started pouring in from all around and numerous people stepped forward to help the young couple fulfil their dream.

With everyone’s help, Jyotsna and Bapi tied the knot on Wednesday night in a ceremony organized by the residents of Bhimbar. Several people were present at the event to greet the newlyweds.

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