People block NH-31 demanding road repair in Alipurduar

Alipurduar, 29th August: National Highway 31 in the Dakshin Panialguri area of Alipurduar-II has deteriorated to a concerning state, prompting local residents to stage a protest by blocking the road. Locals demanded immediate road improvement measures to ensure safe and functional passage.

Early this morning, the residents of the area took to the streets, blocking the national highway and effectively halting traffic. They claimed that the road had undergone repairs not long ago, but its rapid deterioration has left it in an alarming state. Tragically, the situation took a fatal turn when an accident claimed a life in the area the previous night.

Today’s protest lasted about an hour, during which the locals made a resounding call for attention to the road’s deteriorating state. The Samuktala police arrived at the scene to intervene and lift the traffic obstruction.

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