Pedaling for the Planet: Hooghly couple spreads message of green nature and earth protection on cycle tour

Rajganj, 10th May: A couple from Hoogly, Pradeep Biswas and Sangeeta Debnath Biswas, embark on a cycling journey to raise awareness about the importance of a green environment and the protection of our planet. Starting their tour from Hoogly on April 28th, the adventurous duo has now reached Ambari in Rajganj. Their trusty companion throughout the trip is their beloved bicycle, named Ichchedana. Once they conclude their tour of North Bengal, the couple plans to continue their mission by heading to Assam. Encouragingly, numerous individuals stepped up to support and assist them on their inspiring journey.

Expressing their concerns, Pradeep and Sangeeta emphasized the urgent need to address deforestation and the subsequent failure to restore lost greenery. They also highlighted the alarming usage of plastic and the disposal of plastic-packaged foods in open spaces, as well as the detrimental impact of excessive noise pollution caused by vehicle horns and loud DJ music. The couple further discussed the harmful effects of firecrackers during festivals on the environment. In an effort to raise awareness about these pressing issues, they embarked on this cycling expedition, with a resounding message of promoting a green and sustainable world.

According to reports, this is not the couple’s first endeavour for such a cause, as they have previously undertaken a similar journey in South India. During their current tour, Pradeep and Sangeeta have been enjoying meals at roadside hotels during the day, while taking the opportunity to prepare their own dinners at night.


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