Paschimbanga Mid-day Meal Karmi Union launch ‘Uttarkanya Abhiyan’ in support of several demands

Siliguri, 03rd October: The Pashchimbanga Mid-day Meal Karmi Union launched ‘Uttarkanya Abhiyan’ in support of several demands including salary increment. However, the police halted the rally prior arriving at Uttarkanya.

As per reports, on Tuesday, the workers from the organization held a rally from Noukaghat More, to be completed at Uttarkanya. Subsequently, as the rally arrived at Tinbatti More, police halted the protestors. Later, a representative team of five individuals went to Uttarkanya and submitted a memorandum.

In this regard, the organization’s General Secretary Madhumita Bandhopadhay (Banerjee) stated that there has been no increment in the salaries of mid-day meal workers since 2013. She added that they get an estimated total of 1500, 1000 from the center and 500 from the state. In addition to demanding an immediate payment of Rs 21,000, he also urged for a puja bonus of Rs 8,000. Furthermore, he stated that Kolkata’s Bikash Bhawan Abhiyan would be initiated, on October 9, in support of several demands for midday meal workers.

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