Party workers lodge complaint at Panitanki Town Out Post against tearing of BJP flag

Siliguri, 12th September: Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) flag was allegedly torn down and thrown into the drain at Punjabi Para area of ​​Siliguri Municipal Corporation’s Ward No. 13, last night. BJP workers expressed displeasure after the matter came to light.

Condemning the incident, a written complaint was lodged on behalf of the No. 03 BJP Mandal Committee in the Panitanki Town Out Post regarding the incident, today.

The Mandal President Ayan Sen stated that the party’s flag was hoisted in front of party office in the ward. He alleged that some miscreants tore the party’s flag and threw it in the drain, last night. “This kind of insult is unacceptable. We have lodged a complaint in the Panitanki Out Post demanding the arrest of all the accused involved in the incident,” Sen added.

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