Papia Ghosh meets Goutam Deb and Ranjan Sarkar after taking charge as President of Darjeeling District TMC (Plains)

Siliguri, 18th August: After taking charge as the new President of Darjeeling District TMC (Plains), Papia Ghosh met administrator of Siliguri Municipal Corporation Goutam Deb and former president of Darjeeling District TMC Ranjan Sarkar at their residences and took their blessings.

In this regard, Goutam Deb said, “I will cooperate with her in every way. We are seniors at the party. If the younger generation is not given responsibilities, then politics will degrade in the future.“

On the other hand, Ranjan Sarkar said, “Papia is like my younger sister. I have tried to bring her to the forefront politically. I will continue to work as the party wants in the future as well.”

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