Panchnai River’s water level rises alarmingly, Lohar Pool severely affected

Siliguri, 28th July: After heavy downpour lashed Siliguri since last night, a flood-like situation was witnessed in several parts of the city. Lohar Pool that connects Junction and Matigara has also been severely impaired.

Due to incessant rain last night, the water level of the Panchnai river has increased alarmingly. As a result, the pillars of the Lohar Pool have been destroyed. Upon receiving the news, several engineers arrived at the scene this morning to take stock of the situation. Keeping in mind the safety of the people, the movement of vehicles was immediately stopped. Besides, several people were left stranded and helpless as the river entered residential areas too.

Meanwhile, the locals have been asked to travel through the Matigara route as a safety measure. Both sides of the approach road of Panchnai Bridge collapsed near Dagapur. A family was also asked to vacate their house considering the unsafe condition.

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