OSD Dr Susanta Roy held responsible for the alarming COVID-19 situation in North Bengal

Siliguri, 13h July: Dr Bidyut Biswas, Raiganj Medical College-Hospital doctor, accused COVID-19 OSD Dr Susanta Roy of the rising number of positive coronavirus cases in the entire North Bengal.

During a press conference at the Siliguri Journalists Club on Monday, Biswas alleged that Dr Susanta Roy has only been trying to please the TMC leaders and showed no concern for the general public amid the pandemic.

Besides, he also held discussions regarding COVID-19 awareness and advised all to be extremely careful in order to prevent the virus from entering the body.

Biswas further blamed delay in treatment as the main cause behind numerous COVID-19 deaths. He also pointed out that some people do not report symptoms to the doctor out of fear, which results in a delay in treatment. He, therefore, emphasized on the fact that treatment at the right time is very necessary especially during the present situation.

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