Organic fertilizers available at Rs 12 per kilo in Siliguri, Mayor inaugurates the stall

Siliguri, 25th February: The Mayor of Siliguri Municipal Corporation Ashok Bhattacharya inaugurated a fertilizer stall on Tuesday and stated that from now on, organic fertilizers will be available at a rate of 12 rupees per kilo.

It was reported that the process of making fertilizers had begun earlier. SMC took initiatives and brought it to the market for sale, after which demands have increased from various places including various tea gardens.

Under the joint venture of SMC and an organization named Capacities, the sale of the organic fertilizers officially commenced from Tuesday. Deputy Mayor Rambhajan Mahato, Mayor-in-council of the Solid-waste department Mukul Sengupta and Shankar Ghosh were present during the inaugural event.

The Mayor stated that the fertilizers are being prepared by collecting perishable goods from Ward No. 2 and 17. Later, the other 14 wards will also be included in the procedure.

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