Open manhole of Jabravita underpass becomes major obstacle for students

Siliguri, 22nd November: Open manhole of Jabravita underpass adjacent to Siliguri has become a major obstacle for the students in their daily commute. The underpass was submerged in water for a long time, forming large potholes in several parts of the road. Besides, poor drainage system has added to the concern. As the manhole cover is lying open, many students have to get down from their bicycles and cross the underpass by walking. Despite assurances from representatives of various political parties, no solution was provided for this issue.

On Monday, SJDA chairman Sourav Chakraborty inspected the underpass again. He said “Police forces will be deployed here from today. I have told our agency to do the work quickly with guards.”

The students said that the condition of the road is very bad and the manhole is lying open. Every day while going to school colleges, students face huge traffic congestion. A local said that car wheels get stuck in the hole. The administration does not look after it properly. Big accidents can happen at any time.

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