Ones having COVID symptoms should undergo test: Goutam Deb

Siliguri, 31st January: During election campaigning on Monday, Goutam Deb took a jibe at Left leader Ashok Bhattacharya without taking his name.

A few days ago, Ward No. 33 Trinamool candidate and former minister Goutam Deb was infected with coronavirus and was admitted to a private hospital for a few days. He recovered and has started his election campaigning.

On Monday, he went to campaign in Gatebazar and urged the traders to vote for him. Deb indirectly took a jibe at Left leader as well as Ward no. 06 CPIM candidate Ashok Bhattacharya and said that the ones having COVID symptoms should undergo an RTPCR test. Otherwise, infection will spread.

“A veteran leader has a sore throat and is sick. He should undergo an RTPCR test.”, he said.

On the other hand, when Ashok Bhattacharya was contacted over the phone, he said that he is having a slight sore throat and is undergoing treatment as per the advice of the doctor. He further asserted that he has not stepped out of his house for the last three days. Those who are complaining should talk to the doctor and verify the truth.

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