One dies, three injured in a trailer-truck collision in Rajganj 

Rajganj, 28th September: A trailer and a truck faced a deadly collision on the Fulbari-Ghoshpukur bypass road late Tuesday night. The incident left three injured and killed one. 

As per the information, the villagers woke up to loud noise on Tuesday night. When they reached the road, they saw that a truck and a trailer had collided. After this, three out of the four people in both vehicles were quickly rescued and sent to the hospital, while one person was badly trapped in the trailer. After which the fire brigade and policemen reached the spot to rescue him. 

Firefighters rescued the trapped man out of the trailer with the help of a crane, but by then he had succumbed to his injuries. After the incident, the traffic on the Ghoshpukur-Fulbari bypass road came to a standstill. This morning both the vehicles that were damaged in the incident were removed from the road with the help of cranes for traffic to disperse. The police of Phansidewa police station have started an investigation into the matter.

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