One detained from a spa in City Mall for violating COVID-19 protocols

Siliguri, 28th July: The state government has barred spas to open in view of the ongoing pandemic. However, some spas are operating in Siliguri defying the guidelines.

To keep this under check, Panitanki outpost police inspected City Mall in Siliguri’s Sevoke Road on Wednesday after receiving reports of various spas operating dauntlessly. On seeing the police officials, some of the owners and workers of the spa lowered the shutters. Meanwhile, many were trapped inside the spa. Some even managed to escape the spot. However, the Panitanki outpost police detained a woman who was in charge of a spa on the second floor of City Mall.

Allegedly, the spa was kept open ignoring the guidelines. The woman was detained and taken to the Panitanki outpost.

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