One detained for selling Tatkal Railway tickets illegally in Siliguri

Siliguri, 11th February: The Rail Vigilance team launched a campaign at a café in Siliguri’s Laketown charging them of illegally selling Tatkal Railway tickets.

The campaign was conducted in the presence of the Railway Police and the New Jalpaiguri Police, on Tuesday morning. During the campaign, the railway officials examined the documents and the computers in the café.

Allegations regarding the illegal sale of Tatkal railway tickets against the café had been raised for several days. The Railways were also informed about the incident, after which, the Railway officials launched the campaign.

In this context, the Police arrested the owner of the café, Pankaj Karmakar. Also, various documents, a computer, a laptop, and railway tickets have been seized by the Railway authorities. On the other hand, Pankaj’s sister, Bharati Karmakar stated that her brother had a license to provide the Tatkal railway tickets. She further stated that her brother was being framed.

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