One arrested on charges of allegedly attempting to rob an ATM in Naxalbari

Naxalbari, 19th November: In a recent development, the Naxalbari police apprehended a youth on suspected involvement of attempting to rob an ATM of a bank in Naxalbari. The arrested youth, identified as Rishabh Pradhan, was associated with the army.

According to reports, the Naxalbari police promptly arrived at the scene after hearing the sound of siren from the ATM located in Naxalbari market late on Saturday night. Upon arriving at the scene the police officials noticed that the door of the cash machine was open and several stones were present at the spot. In addition, the individual present at the scene was arrested based on suspicion. Preliminary investigations revealed that the accused was planning to withdraw money by breaking into the machine.

On Sunday, a complaint of ATM robbery was filed by the bank authorities at the Naxalbari police station. In further investigations the police discovered that the arrested youth was associated with the Gorkha regiment and was intoxicated during the arrest. On Monday, the accused will be produced before the Siliguri Sub-Divisional Court. Meanwhile, the police are engaged in further investigation of the entire incident.

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