Once again, no one showed up for Rapid Antigen Test in Siliguri’s Regulated Market

Siliguri, 28th August: As per the administrative guidelines, Rapid Antigen Tests have commenced in different areas across the city.

However, for the second time in a row, no one turned up for the test in Siliguri Regulated Market today. After waiting for an hour, the doctors and health workers left from the venue.

In this context, Bapi Chowdhury, Secretary of the Fish Merchant Association, stated that although they have already informed the traders in this regard, no one turned up for the test due to lack of awareness regarding the disease.

Medical Technologist Partha Pratim Roy asserted that miscommunication, lack of awareness and false propaganda regarding the virus might be the cause of the no-show. However, various initiatives will be taken in the coming days to raise awareness among the people.

As per the report, the health department is already conducting rapid tests in different parts of Siliguri. In the last 5 days, 262 COVID-19 tests were carried out, out of which, 5 tested positive.

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