Number of people being vaccinated increased on 2nd day of COVID-19 vaccination

Siliguri, 18th January: COVID-19 vaccination drive started across the country from January 16. Today is the second day of the vaccination process. Although 100 people from each centre were supposed to be vaccinated on the first day, the target was not met. Hence, the number of people to receive the vaccine was increased on the second day.

According to the Health Department, the target was to vaccinate 4,400 people in eight districts of North Bengal on the first day of vaccination, only 2,914 people were vaccinated. In Kalimpong, 100 percent of people were vaccinated, while 66.22 percent vaccination was done in 8 districts of North Bengal.

On Monday, 120 health workers in North Bengal Medical College and Hospital were vaccinated.

Dr Kalyan Khan, co-ordinator of the COVID Care Network, said that confusion was created on the first day of vaccination due to several issues with the Co-Win app. Initially, many were hesitant to receive the vaccine. However, very few people across the country reported side effects after being vaccinated.

He further urged all doctors to get vaccinated for well being of all patients as well as the society.

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