Nothing is more important than preserving the health of our people: Anit Thapa, Chairman, GTA

Darjeeling, 17th March: In a press release, Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) Chairman Anit Thapa stated that, as there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus so far in the state, a meeting with all the stakeholders from the tourism industry from the hills will be held on March 18, to discuss whether or not to continue to allow tourists to come and whether or not to officially disallow large gatherings.

Thapa maintained that nothing is more important than preserving the health of the people of Hills and Terai of Darjeeling. Hence, it is not an easy decision to make given the obvious and astronomical impact it would have on the people and on the economy of the hills and especially tourism.

The GTA Chairman, on behalf of the administration, appealed to the people from Hills to make the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19) successful. He further appealed to the individuals related to Tourism and Travels industries for their strong support in managing the Tourist inflows to the hills and Terai regions of Darjeeling. Thapa urged to avoid carrying people who are showing symptoms of the virus.

He requested the tourists traveling to Darjeeling or nearby areas, to make sure they are healthy and safe. And suggested not to travel if they are not feeling well and get themselves tested in designated health centres if they have even the slightest hint of health issues.

The GTA Chairman also appealed to the people related to restaurants to maintain hygiene and cleanliness and to use only fresh and healthy supplies to serve in their restaurant. Thape urged to avoid using exposed supplies for a longer time and make sure they are following all the necessary steps and consider health before business.

He also urged the people in supply businesses to get checked and reported if there are any hint of health issues. Further, Thapa suggested the teachers and headmasters that education is a must to tackle and handle any adverse situations. And asked for their full support in first educating themselves and spreading awareness among students and their families on the preventive measures of coronavirus (COVID-19) and reporting processes to the authorities. Also, to debunk any rumors or fake news whenever necessary.

Finally, he appealed to all the fellow people of Darjeeling Hills and Terias, that this is the time where all come together to fight the situation of pandemic together and by following all the necessary steps to keep themselves and their family healthy and safe. The GTA Chairman requested the people not to panic and not spread rumors. he asked the people to contact the health department of GTA in case anyone has symptoms like fever, coughing and shortness of breath.

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