‘Not bothered by party workers joining TMC,’ says BJP leader Sayantan Basu

Siliguri, 05th June: The moment the state assembly 2021 elections were over, numerous Bharatiya Janata Party supporters have left the party and joined the Trinamool Congress. In this context, BJP leader Sayantan Basu said the party is not bothered by the exits and said that it will not affect them in anyway.

“An elephant is not bothered if two or three ants get off its back,” Basu said taking a jibe at the former members.

The BJP leader was present during a food distribution drive in Siliguri’s Ward No. 02 this morning. After the event during a press conference, Sayantan Basu said that he is unclear of what decision Subhranshu Roy, BJP MP Mukul Roy’s son, will take in the coming days. This comes after speculations of Roy re-joining the TMC surfaced.

“He did not tell us whether he would join Trinamool Congress or not. Before the elections, not many people joined our party after leaving the TMC. So it will not make any difference if two or three people leave the party,” Sayantan Basu added. He further expressed anguish over the post-poll violence in the state.

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