No private organization will be allowed to use Kanchenjunga Stadium after April: Mayor Goutam Deb

Siliguri, 15th March: After taking stock of the Kanchenjunga Stadium ground today, the city's Mayor Goutam Deb announced that no private organization will be allowed to use the stadium after the month of April. 

It is to be noted, the Chief Minister had held an administrative meeting in the said stadium earlier in February. A huge stage, podiums and tents had been set up to cater for the large gathering due to which the stadium's ground was severely damaged. Since then people from different camps raised their voices and condemned the role of the Siliguri Municipal Corporation.

Amid numerous backlashes and questions, the Mayor assured to restore the stadium ground as soon as possible. Since then, he paid several visits to inspect the work. Likewise, during his visit today, Mayor Goutam Deb stated that after the singer Arjit Singh's program in April and another program, the stadium would not be allowed to be used for any other event other than sports.

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