NJP GRP recovered 15 stolen mobile phones 

Siliguri, 09th September: NJP GRP has recovered 15 stolen mobile phones. In this month, several mobile phone theft complaints were lodged with the GRP. After which, investigating the incident, GRP recovered 15 stolen mobile phones. 

At present, GRP IC Anupam Majumdar has handed over the stolen mobiles to two of the original owners of the mobile phones. In this regard, GRP IC Anupam Majumdar said that he had received several complaints regarding the theft of mobile phones at the station or from a moving train.

Based on the said complaint, 15 mobile phones have been recovered in the month of September. Out of which 2 mobile phones have been handed over to the original owners. Along with this, many people have been arrested and presented in court in this regard to the mobile theft case.

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