NJP dry port case: Prasenjit Roy brought to Siliguri from Assam

Siliguri, 23rd February: INTTUC leader Prasenjit Roy was arrested in Assam and then brought to Bagdogra Airport this afternoon. He will be produced at the Jalpaiguri court on Wednesday.

It is to be noted that allegations of vandalism at NJP land port were levelled against Prasenjit Roy and his associates. Since then, the entire Siliguri police commissionerate, including the NJP police, was searching for him. Although the police managed to arrest Roy's closest associates, Roy was still at large.

At last, the police got hold of Roy in Assam. A team of the Siliguri police commissionerate brought him to Siliguri this afternoon.

On the other hand, when Roy was questioned regarding the expulsion from the party, he said that since the incident took place in his area, he was held responsible and dismissed from the party.

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